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We celebrate +10 years with you! was born in 2012 from our passion for NonViolent Communication (NVC).

For over 10 years, we have been helping people to learn, practice and integrate NVC both on a personal and professional level.

Who are we?

Behind are Enric and Raed, two people passionate about NonViolent Communication (NVC), who wanted to share our interest with people beyond our friendships and acquaintances. We are the creators of the konekta line of products, intended to facilitate the practice and understanding of NVC. We also cooperate with other creative authors and trainers in creating and distributing new resources to contribute to making NVC and its values more widespread.  

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All the NVC Resources I need

“ gives me all the tools and bibliography I need for myself and my trainings. I am very grateful for having so many resources available in Spanish. I am pleased to see that a whole community also benefits from them.” Dani Muxi, CNVC Certified Trainer

A Reference for all things NVC

“ is a place of reference for many people who are interested in NonViolent Communication, want to share it and seek support materials, especially teachers and facilitators.” Ángeles G. Gordillo, Trainer and Director of Performing Arts

Resources that you can't find anywhere else

“ has allow me to find NVC materials, as well as emotional and relational education resources that I could not find on any other portal.” Olympia Villalba, Secondary School Teacher and Advisor

Super "Fresh" Products

“I am very grateful to have available translated Spanish materials, necessary for me, and I believe for the whole Spanish-speaking community. I hope you can continue to provide super fresh materials, every season, for me and for the rest of the ‘NVC Tribe’.” Teresa Portillo, CNVC Certified Trainer

They carry NVC in their hearts

“ for me is great because they’ve been the distributor of all our books and they also carry NVC in their hearts. I also very much appreciate the fact that they incorporate new materials that we do not find here and which are so important to our NVC practice.” Silvia Blume, Director of Editorial Acanto

They help me on a personal and professional level

“ has given me in the last 10 years access to tools on their website that help me personally and professionally. I hope that you will continue with this mission to help make this world, through awareness and practice, increasingly better.” Roxana Cabut, Trainer and co-author of the book “la corazón o el arte de poner orden sin dar órdenes”

Resources that take up a big part of my library

“ give me very easy and affordable access to a lot of good materials on NVC that I value very highly and that take up a big part of my library.” Noelia Jiménez, Trainer and Translator

They provide me with playfulness and fun

“For me, the fact that exists means happiness and joy, and I feel super grateful for the work they do and for what they contribute to my personal and professional life. Their materials help me with empathy and they also bring me playfulness and fun.” Franzina Balagué, Formadora, logopeda i creadora del joc JECO

All their products are super interesting

“ gives me a quick way to get all NVC materials. All their products are very interesting to deepen the practice and learning.” Marieta de la Hermosa Serrano, Pedagogue and Systemic Therapist


We want to make it possible for all creators to put their ideas into new tools for the dissemination and practice of NVC and similar practices.

If you have a product, book or project related to NVC but you don’t know how to bring it to life, we can help you. We can advise your regarding editing, product design, marketing (via our shop) and more.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to elaborate.

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