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The basic fact of recognizing and honoring our feelings and needs feeds our wellbeing. On the practical plane, also, it allows us to broaden the spectrum of possible solutions and supports our decision making. konekta FACIL is a useful and fun way to clarify what is “alive in us.” These cards are perfect for having a good time, while allowing us to develop a vocabulary of feelings and needs. Designed for children and persons who prefer to learn visually, these cards are ideal for parents and educators. The illustrations on each card facilitate understanding and stimulate the attention of the players in a light and playful way. They may be used for one player or in a group.
[Available in English, Spanish, Catalan, or a combination of Arabic (darijah) + Spanish]


The cards are poker-style, printed in professional quality 300-gram card stock with illustrations on every card. Includes instructions for 15 playing suggestions. The deck of cards includes 27 feelings cards (+ one wildcard) and 27 needs cards (+ one wildcard). The game “instructions” have been obtained under license from the “Kids GROK” games, created by Christine King and Jean Morrison, Certified NVC trainers in Santa Cruz, U.S.A.

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English, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic and Spanish


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