The No-Fault Zone game


English/Spanish edition of the original “The No-Fault Zone”

A game designed to facilitate connection with oneself and with others.

Some benefits that can be enjoyed by playing the game:

  • Clarity over a situation
  • Understanding oneself and others more deeply
  • Enjoying a more relaxed state
  • Resolving a problem
  • Understanding and navigating a conflict
  • Finding solutions that working for all the people involved

Includes (for two players):

  • 2 playing boards
  • 2 decks with 108 cards (feelings, needs and options)
  • 2 wooden figurines
  • Instructions sheet
  • Hard cardboard folder



You can find many different ways of playing the No-Fault Zone game. In the included instructions we guide you through three of our favorites:

  • Self empathy: When you’re curious about what is happening to you
  • Empathy for others: When you are curious about what is happening to others
  • Two-way conversation: to celebrate, resolve problems and to understand/navigate a conflict

You can find more information at (in English)


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