Why “simple”?

We believe that a more meaningful life can be created by a process of simplifying. We want to push for a simpler life, focused on re-finding our balance and inner peace.

Eliminating what is not “essential” gets us closer to our “essence.”

That is why we create tools that help us distinguish between our habitual tendency for dispersing and accumulating, and our simpler and deeper needs, those who can get us to a longer-lasting satisfaction.

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Why “.cat”?

Within our momentum toward globalization and “monoculture”, we firmly believe that the solutions of the future will involve “local” communities and “biodiversity.” We live in Barcelona and want to use the .cat(alonia) domain to show to support what is small, local and uncommon. That is also why we make a big effort to bring you a multilingual website.

Furthermore, we love cats. And, being a website, this makes sense, because what would the internet be without cats? 😉

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